Convert game to Android

I have this game that I created first for pc to test, now I want to put it in my android, in the code I have some function like OnMouseDrag() and some other normal ones…
How do I put and make it work in my android? Is unity going to convert the code by itself???


OnMouseDrag() need to be replace with an unexacting function, for recreate the OnMouseDrag fonction, you need to detect if the ‘touch’ is pressing and moving the object. For see if the finger is moving, get the position of the touch and subtract with the position of last frame. If there’s a small difference, don’t move the object else, alling the object with the pos of the touch.

It’s complicated but you need to try.

@STUDIOCRAFTapps ok, I’ve never made a game for android, all my games that I made were for pc, so I kind of lost myself reading the touch part, could you give me an example?
Thanks anyway