Convert Lon/Lat degrees to X/Y coordinates in unity3d using c#

I need to place 3d models at gps lat/lon degree coordinates which correspond with unity x/y coordinates and for that I need to convert the gps data , i.e, latitude and longitude in degrees to x, y coordinates in unity for my project in Augmented reality using Vuforia.
Can someone help me with a C# script which handles the conversion without compromising precision?

There is not enough information in the question to be able to help you - there are many geographic coordinate systems (though, since you mention GPS I’m assuming you’re referring to lat/long coordinates in EPSG:4326), and hundreds of standard projected coordinate reference systems (UTM zones, Military Grid, US State Projections, Ordnance Survey GB), but you don’t specify which you want.

The absolute simplest conversion you can do is simply to map Latitude to the Y coordinate, and Longitude to the X coordinate, which will result in an 2D equirectangular projection: Equirectangular projection - Wikipedia

I am sorry for the lack of information.
I meant the geographic coordinates(Lat/Lon) you recieve from input.location.lastdata .

And i want to use them in unity for Augmented reality which means i will need alot of precision so my 3d model is resting on accurate point on ground. Correct me if i am wrong, but i think UTM projection is the right one for my application(i donot have a lot of knowledge ob projections)