Convert .max to .ma

I have a .max file I purchased from TurboSquid. I can't open it in Maya (doh!).

Is there anyone here who has AutoDesk 3DS MAX who can load this file and save it as FBX for me?

It's just a low rez model of a hockey player.

I hope someone can help me.


There is an fbx converter (stand alone app) on Autodesk's website. If you can dl the player in .3ds format from max you can convert it to .fbx and import in maya.

Unfortunately all I have is a max file, not a 3ds file. Will the stand alone converter work with a max file?

I could.... If you still need it converted PM me.

I just bought it for the same reason :smile: , big hole in the wallet :(

Same problem...

Wow. I’ve been necro’d. What an odd feeling.