Convert to Entity script is not there

Hi, I am new in DOTS and most probably doing something stupid but I cant find the Convert To Entity script in unity.

I have added these packages:



core RP Library

custom NUnit


Entities Graphics


Mono Cecil

Scriptable Build Pipeline



Shader Graph

Test Framework



Unity Physics

Unity Profiling Core API

Unity UI

Universal RP

Version Control

Visual Scripting

Ok so if anyone else is facing this problem then this is because you are following old tutorials.

to convert gameobjects to entities you just have to put them in a sub scene.

This is because conversion workflow is obsolete since entities 1.0 and became replaced by new baking workflow.

Entity “baking” workflow is different from previous conversion workflow, so give yourself some time to understand it and accommodate.

The most important difference: there is no runtime conversion anymore. GameObjectEntity conversion is still here but it must happen at build-time in Editor (long before game starts) and uses different components & API. IConvertGameObjectToEntity interface became replaced by Baker class, which looks something like this:

using UnityEngine;
using Unity.Entities;
public class CupOfCoffeeAuthoring : MonoBehaviour
    [Range(0,1)] public float Fill = 0.5f;
    [Min(0)] public int Intensity = 5;
    public GameObject InstantiateOnDestroyed;
    public class Baker : Baker<CupOfCoffeeAuthoring>// <<< HERE IS THIS BAKER<COMPONENT> CLASS
    	public override void Bake ( CupOfCoffeeAuthoring authoring )
    		Entity entity = this.GetEntity( authoring , TransformUsageFlags.Dynamic );
            // note on TransformUsageFlags:
    		AddComponent<IsCoffee>( entity );
            AddComponent( entity , new Fill{
                Value = authoring.Fill ,
            } );
            AddComponent( entity , new Intensity{
                Value = authoring.Intensity ,
            } );
            AddComponent( entity , new InstantiateOnDestroyed{
                Prefab = this.GetEntity( authoring.InstantiateOnDestroyed , TransformUsageFlags.Dynamic ) ,
            } );


public struct IsCoffee : IComponentData {}
public struct Fill : IComponentData
	public float Value;
public struct Intensity : IComponentData
	public int Value;
public struct InstantiateOnDestroyed : IComponentData
	public Entity Prefab;

This Baker class instructs how this MonoBehaviour component is converted (baked :V) into a entity and it’s components.

This new workflow works like this:

  1. Open a scene
  2. Create a sub-scene there
  3. Open and fill this sub-scene with few different gameObjects you want to convert to entities
  4. Close this sub-scene to trigger baking (conversion) process to entities
  5. Wait a moment and look into Console for baking warnings & errors.
  6. Fix baking errors & hit Play.

A sub-scene looks like this. Open/Close button on the right (red square). Open shows you GameObjects while Close triggers baking / conversion.

dots sub-scene