convert Xacro to URDF

How to solve 'No such file or directory'? I am using ROS inside docker.

rosrun xacro xacro --inorder -o E:/work/ROS/tutorials/pick_and_place/PickAndPlaceProject/Assets/URDF/niryo_one_description/urdf/v1/niryo_one.urdf E:/work/ROS/tutorials/pick_and_place/PickAndPlaceProject/Assets/URDF/niryo_one_description/urdf/v1/niryo_one.urdf.xacro

The command looks correct. Is it possible that the file is not downloaded/copied in to the correct position?
Note: "Clone the Niryo One ROS repo and copy the niryo_one_description directory into Assets/URDF"

If you are using a docker, is it possible that the volume is not connected to the docker container?