converting a 3d objects into a 2d object

I have created an area made from cubes for my sprite main character to run around in. I stupidly forgot that 3d cubes can’t use 2d rigidbodies/colliders(my sprite won’t collide with the 3d object). For me to remake this object with sprites would be doable but very tedious. Is there a way for me to convert the “cubes” into something that would allow for collisions? My first thought was to set the z scale to 0 but that did not work out.

@DustingVitamins Turning 3d art into 2d sprites is a very cool effect to use throughout your game. It works really well for backgrounds. A good combination. You don’t even have to turn your mesh renderers off. So you can go back between 3d and 2d throughout your game anytime.