Converting a DLL into Mac OS X's dylib or any other Windows DLL equivalent framework

I have an .dll build of a C# project which basically is a Unity project but uses .NET 4.0. I’m adding this DLL to my unity project and it works fine on Windows and mac both. But, every time I have to make changes into this .dll project I have to log in to my Windows machine, make changes, make a build, get the new .DLL and send it over to mac and then only I can use that .dll in mac. My question is what can be done in order to avoid an extra step of going to Windows machine to make a DLL ? I know it is not possible to make a DLL from mac and it is not possible to make a dylib on Windows. Is their something mutual that I can use in both mac and windows ? If not, can anyone suggest me any workaround.

I guess this is really late, but now you can build DLLs on Mac using Visual Studio for Mac. Finally…

Otherwise, I think you could name your libraries identically (yourlib.dll and yourlib.dylib) and load them. You don’t have to use the file extension so it should (in theory) figure it out automatically.