Converting an app/game to iOS,Converting a game to iOS

I’m currently working on a game (on Windows). When I am done I would like to sell it in the Apple App store. Assuming I can get my hands on a mac that is enabled with all the right Unity iOS licenses is there a way to convert my already made game to iOS format?

A great place to start.

Ive just gone through the process and as it happens my app got accepted on the App store today!

Its largely straight forward. Key points are:

  • Your game / app if its reasonably efficient will run on iOS almost out of the box
  • If you use fonts, you will probably have to mess about importing different fonts at fix point sizes because as it stands at the moment, when running in iOS it only uses one font size. On a retina display its REALLY small. You may have to customise the controls as well although i didnt need to.
  • You will need a Mac
  • You will need to download Xcode. (that will costs you something like $100 to be part of the development club)
  • When you “build and run” and have iOS selected, Unity will call up XCode and everything works by magic
  • You will need to get yourself a certificate that allows you to put apps onto a device. I found Xcode prompted me when i first needed it and just to follow the steps. It was quite straight forward.
  • You can then download an App onto an iOS device thats plugged into your Mac. Once its download, the App is on your device and can use it even when detached.
  • Posting the app on the App Store was the only slightly complicated thing and that was mainly because I chose not read any documentation. I seriously recommend reading Apples instructions on this you will save yourself a lot more time. Guessing doesnt work.

Bottom line, Unity works REALLY well. You can write something for the PC and it can work on the iOS devices. There are obviously performance restrictions (like leave dynamic lights alone).