Converting GLSL Shaders

I have found a GLSL shader which I would like to convert to Cg/HLSL so I can use it in Unity5. Can someone lead me to a decent site that would explain how I do this change or if someone can explain themselves I would appreciate it.

I know there are tools out there for creating shaders from scratch but this one is specific in that it acts as fur. The shader is called furball and is on the ShaderToy website (here is the link) if you are interested to see what I wish to convert.

Thanks in advance.

I glanced over this blog post. It seems to cover what you need to know, even specifically for ShaderToys:

Hi @adelphiaUK,

I would like to convert the same shader but i did not find any clue to convert texturelod method.
Did you manage to get the furball shader working ? And did you agree to share it ?

@NarLoke Unfortunately no I didn’t get it converted. I would definitely have shared it if I had.