Converting Text to a String Array Format

So I have a text file with 230,000 words (Essentially every word in the English dictionary, I got it from the MOBY project) and it is set up like this:


And so on. So each word in the text file has a line break after.

I want to copy and paste the entirety of each letter section into it’s own array in my script (C#).

So it would be something like (Which I think is correct but I’m not sure):

string Awords = new string {“Angry”,“Answer”,“Ants”, And so on…};

But my problem is I’m dealing with huge amounts of words here, so I can’t take the time to turn:


to “Angry”,“Answer”,“Ants”

by hand since I’d have to do that for thousands of words. So I’m wondering if there’s some way to automate this process, which would be something like:

  1. Remove line break from end of word.
  2. Add " to beginning of word and ", to end.

I was hoping maybe someones already made a program for this since it would be one of the first steps in making any sort of word game. Or possibly there is already a text file online in this format?

My second, related, question is am I going about this the right way? With Arrays and such?

Anyway, thanks for your time.

What I would do is create a text file with your words in it and then put that file into your project inside a Resources folder.

Then you can use:

  var textFile = Resources.Load("NameOfFileWithoutExtension", typeof(TextAsset)) as TextAsset; //C#

To get the resource and then make an array using:

  var textArray = textFile.text.Split('

'); //C#

Or perhaps even better also turn it into a dictionary so you can look it up! You could use Linq for that

  using System.Linq;


  Dictionary<string, bool> words;


  words = textFile.text.ToDictionary(s=>s,s=>true);

This lets you use things like ContainsKey which is very fast to find a word.

String lines = File.ReadAllLines(“customfiles/dictionary.txt”);

Pretty much just telling it to find YourGameDirectory\customfiles\dictionary.txt and read each line as a new array item.