converting Textures to Images ?

Hi there

I have a list of type Texture filled with 13 png-files. But if I want to assign on of there png-files to my image field on my UI, it does not accept textures in the image slot. Do I need to convert my textures to images ?

I’ve tried to make a list of type Images to solve this Problem, but that type does not accept my nog-files.

any ideas ? i’ll paste my code down below :

      public Image vakje_img;
      public List<Texture> images;
      private void Update()
    if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0)) {
        vakje_img = images[0];


If the images are meant to be used on your UI, you need Sprites instead of Textures.

Assigning the sprite of an Image component must be done like this:

vakje_img.sprite = images[0];

Thank you :slight_smile: this was helpfull