Converting Unity game to Xamarin App


A few years ago i made a 2D game within Unity and was a complete beginner to both programming and making games. After publishing a similar game and working on a few other projects i decided that i enjoy programming enough to want to get a job as one.
So i went to try and get a degree as programmer and am now nearing the end of that course, for one of my classes: “Mobile Development”, the teacher wants us to make an app in Xamarin forms for UWP and Android. He said games are allowed and he didn’t mind me finishing an older project aslong as it’s in Xamarin.

So my obvious question: Can i convert my Unity project to a Xamarin project and finish the whole thing there? If so, what advice would you give me and where could things go wrong or what is going to be difficult?

Is it worth pursuing this or should i just make an entirely new project?


No you can not. It’s a completely different engine / environment. Yes Unity uses / used Mono which is part of Xamarin but other than that they do not share much in common. The Unity engine is written in C++. Of course since both use .NET / C# as programming language you could probably reuse some of your code in a Xamarin project. However this is completely out of scope of Unity Answers.