Convex Mesh collisons

I am wondering if there is a way to make the convex mode of a mesh collider actuly like the mesh, because when I use it it connects gaps making it very weird.


No, the reason it “connects the gaps” is to make the collider convex. If those gaps were not connected, the shape would be concave and not convex.

The option is there because convex collisions are much faster to compute than concave collisions, and therefore are treated very differently by the physics engine.

You can always have multiple convex colliders that in sum are concave. For example a boot may be a foot part and a leg part, each convex. Mostly I use a small number of primitive colliders (capsules and boxes mainly), only resorting to convex mesh colliders for weird shapes. A boot then is 2 capsules and a box (for a flat sole). But if you want to be able to stick a sword into a boot and have it rattle around, you’ll need a load of boxes or convex mesh pieces.

In case it may be useful, I point you to a forum thread where we’ve released a Unity component that solves this problem: forum thread

More detailed information can be found here: Documentation, videos and help

Basically yes, you can’t have two non-convex colliders collide with each other. You need to create a compound collider where the parent (optionally) has the rigidbody and the children have a primitive/convex mesh collider each. The sum of all will act as a concave collider, and if you need trigger notifications for damages, the parent catches them all even if it is the children who collide.