Convex property of Colliders refer to Convex Set in Linear Mathematics?

Does the term convex in Unity refer to the convex set in Linear Programming? I mean when you turn the convex on, a mesh will be created that is a convex set?

Just curious if these two are related in theory...

Yes, the two terms appear to be identical in meaning. In Unity, if you specify that a Mesh Collider is convex, it will create a convex collider hull from the specified mesh. A convex hull is a 3D shape where no line drawn between two surface points would cross the surface of the shape. Being able to treat a collider as convex allows the physics engine to perform much faster computations relating to that object.

In Unity, mesh colliders cannot collide with other mesh colliders unless one of them is marked as convex. Usually you would use non-convex mesh colliders for static items such as scenery, and convex mesh colliders for irregularly shaped moving gameobjects.

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