Conveyor Belt animated object affected by physics?

Hi to all.

I’m traditionally a 3d character animator. Because of this I’m used to animating in Maya (back in the day, using Blender now) and letting programmers handle the rest.

Now I’m delving into the whole thing, so my question is:

If I animated a conveyor belt in say Blender, then import it and its animation into Unity, will the rotating parts affect other objects that interact with it. EG: If I drop a cube onto that animated conveyor (from Blender), will they move along it?

If not, will I have to programatically move the conveyor belt objects to have them perform with the physics engine?

Obviously as you can tell, I’m really hoping that Unity will take the keyframed animation of the conveyor and allow it to interact in its physics environment.

Thanks so much for your time and help,


I’m guessing the conveyor belt is made out of small parts.

After importing to unity just make sure each part has a collider and it should work (I think).