Cookie Clicker -esque rate equation?

I’ve come up with a wizard entrepreneur game that revolves around building up a tower, enchantments, treasury, and spellcasting power overall. However, the main way to make money will be through making and selling enchantments, and I want to be able to allow the enchanting speed to change throughout the game. However, the equation I have now does not seem to do the trick:

  void Update()
            time = Time.time;
            enchantments = time*speed;
            Enchants.text = "Enchantments Completed: " + enchantments.ToString();

I understand that the equation itself does not work, but I’ve picked up Unity as a casual hobby to experiment with scenery. This is the first project I’ve definitely had eyes for, so any help would be appreciated.

Why not use an Animation curve

This would let you set the equation graphically rather than programmatically.

Set this in your game manager or similar script:

public AnimationCurve enchantingSpeed;

Then in the inspector, play with the curve until you feel that it’s right for your game.
The link to the API should help once you’re done with that.