Cookies being blurred when lightmapped.

Hello, I am working on a scene with a cookie being cast from a spotlight, and I need to retain some level of sharpness from it. I unwrapped the lightmaping UV’s in Maya for best usage of the UV space. I make sure that the models that are being hit by the cookie gets more “scale-in-lightmap” than other models. Everything seems okay, but after I bake the lightmap, the cookie gets blurred out. All the sharper lines are lost.

I know it’s not a resolution related problem, since I can open the .exr and see all the space available.

I tried generating a custom .XML file for the settings to access the filter types used, but gauss, which is supposed to be the sharpest, doesn’t help at all.

Is there a way to bake out a cookie from a spotlight without loosing sharp lines?

could you a post a screenshot of that particular cookie area on your mesh with lightmap resolution enabled? It may just be a lack of texel space in that space ( although you did it inside Maya to make it’s getting more resolution) Unity itself may be considering that mesh small enough that it’s not getting much space in the lightmap atlas ( what you said about having plenty of space in the lightmaps for it makes me think that’s what it is.