Coordinate Origin not at displayed location ?

I want my wheel to spin arround the x Axis. But The x Axis is actually not at the center of the wheel, its in the middle of the car. How can I change it? (And how come it is like this?)

  1. I tried to creat a new Gameobject and locate it in the middle of the wheel, but I cant find the excat Middlepoint this way…
  2. I pulled my wheels out of the Parent Gameobject. But the real Coordinate Origin didnt change at all.

What can I do?

You can put the model in your favorite 3d modelling program and change the origin. In Blender, you would select the center in edit mode, snap the 3d cursor to the selection and then move to object mode and select origin to 3D cursor. That should do it. But you can also just put an empty parent object on the wheel in unity and spin around it’s axis, then the real origin will just be rotating around the parent. Either way will work, but the later option will require that extra object for control

Hi highpockets,
I tried the second suggestion. The problem here is, I cant find the exact middle of the wheel. I spins around an axis, which is a little bit wrong always. Is there a way to find an exact spon in Unity?

Its .FBX . (is it what you asked?)
Okay, so I will try Blender now.