Coordinate systems - how to correctly position...,Coordinate system

inside my canvas (set to world mode) i can position several objects
directly from the designer.
So if i put a text object in x,y i see it positioned where it’s expected to be.
If i draw a box or a texture from code, i cannot position on the same coordinates because
x and y have a different c.s (i think)
so a text object at 5,5 is in one place and the box drawed from code (on 5.5) is far away.
What can i do to normalize the two coordinate systems?
Do i need to add the newly created box to canvas children collection?

thanks in advance
Alessandro,Hi, i have a canvas set to world mode.
If i position an object over it (i.e. some text) i can put it where i want.
For example at x=5, y=5 (my canvas has a scale factor)
The question is : if i draw a box from code, the values are different and 5,5 is
far away.

How can i tell to the code to use the same coordinate system?
Have i to ‘add’ the newly created box into canvas children?

Thanks in Advance

Hi, any suggestion for me?
is the question unclear for poor english speaking?

please help me