Coordinates change when I hit play (Solved)

So i have one small but large problem. For my fps game i aligned the gun and arms to where i wanted them and named it in my script HiPose so when ever i hit play it goes to the coordinates for HiPose.

Then when i actually do hit play the gun shoots out a few meters (20 ft.) and when i look at the Coordinates they are the same as what i put down for HiPose!! but they are quite a bit farther away!

I have no Idea what the heck is happening! Its almost like my fps controller and Terrain are moving down when i hit play!

If you know how to fix this please help and if you have any other thoughts please feel free to state them.

FYI: i did put both the arms and gun in a empty gameobject.

The coordinates which you see in the inspector are local coordinates. How do you set the position in your script? I guess you use transform.position which is the world position. You need to use transform.localPositon

so it turns out i made an animation that moved my arms/gun away