Copter movement

At present I am trying to behavior some thing like following 2d game :

Basically above game contains following type of movement. I have taken snapshot for that


I can’t able to figure out starting point for this. Right now I am considering, I have to choose some point far from copter and based on that point rotate copter around that point.

I don’t know whether I am right in this. So that I need some suggestion from your side because this type of movement I have seen first time in copter game.

Please give some suggestions and tips in this.

not tested, but the following should work for the movement and rotation of the copter.

rotation = rotationSpeed * rotationSide //rotationSide > 0 for no rotation, 1 for counter-clockwise, -1 for clockwise.
transform.Rotate(Vector3.forward * rotation * Time.deltaTime);
transform.position += transform.right * Speed * Time.deltaTime;