Copy a scene with editor script?

So i have this sort of template called Basic.unity, i want to have a editor script that can duplicate this scene and all of its contents and prefab connections to a new scene that has a number as a scene name, ex. 1.unity, 2.unity, etc.

Any ideas on how i can do this, instead of copying the one scene 100s of times on a mac??

No reason to use System.IO. Looks like Unity now has a built-in method for copying assets safely.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;

public class CopyFile : MonoBehaviour
	[MenuItem( "Example/Copy Something" )]
	static void CopySomething( )
		FileUtil.CopyFileOrDirectory( "sourcepath/YourFileOrFolder", "destpath/YourFileOrFolder" );

SRC: Unity - Scripting API: FileUtil.CopyFileOrDirectory

For Windows, click on the scene in the project window and press Ctrl and D to duplicate.

If you know how to write an editor script, it seems like you just need File.Copy.