Copy and Paste Tiles

Hello there,

I am building out a level for my platformer game. I am using a tilemap to place down the tiles. There are groups of tiles that I want to copy and paste after I have placed them down.

I have tried selecting the tiles, and pressing copy and paste but this does not work. I can select a group of tiles and move them, but not copy them.

Is there something really simple I am missing here or is this functionality not available.

Thank you!

###Hi @trunk0 ,

I believe what you are missing here is the eyedropper tool (pick or marquee ā€˜iā€™).
This is paragraph one.

  • Just select this tool in the UI or by pressing the letter ā€˜iā€™
  • Make a selection on your tilemap in the editor
  • Duplicate as many times as you want