Copy frame buffer into Texture

Hi guys,
I would like to copy the content of the frame buffer into a texture in a FAST way, every frame.

No Texture2D.ReadPixels, it’s super slow, probably because it locks the frame buffer and double buffer writes are delayed, making a mess.

I was thinking to do a Graphics.Blit in the PostRender of the camera, but then I need to call a re-size on the texture to save space when storing it. I would prefer to do both copying and re-sizing at the same time. I guess a shader is the only option. Too bad I don’t even know where to start. Maybe some of you guys can direct me to a close example.


Have you tried just changing Target Texture property of a Camera object to Render Texture as in link below?

Though, that camera will not draw to screen, you will need extra camera for screen