Copy grouped objects to another scene.

Hey, short question, is there any way to copy grouped objects (A object with it's childs) to another scene? In editor, not through a script.

I get error:

CheckConsistency: Restored Transform child parent pointer from NULL
UnityEditor.GenericMenu:CatchMenu(Object, String[], Int32)
System.MulticastDelegate:invoke_void_object_string[]_int(Object, String[], Int32)

[..\..\Runtime\Graphics\Transform.cpp line 1046]

When trying to CTRL + C then CTRL + V.

Sure, just select your object in the first scene, press CTRL + C to copy it. Then load the other scene and press CTRL + V to paste it. I just tried this and it seems to work just fine. If you're on Mac you'd use your copy paste shortcut keys which I am not familiar with.

If you make a prefab out of the objects and then export that prefab to a unity package you can then import it into a new scene/project. If the new scene is in the same project as the old scene then all you have to do is make it into a prefab.

Unity Prefab info:

Unity Package info:

I’ve posted an item in the Asset store which can copy one or more items from a scene into a new scene.