Copy Objects While In Test?

I am making a guitar hero like game and I am able to spawn the frets myself to make a song for the game while in testing. But everytime I click pause then copy the clones and after stop the test to paste those clones into the hierarchy it wont remember what i just spawned while in testing. Is there any way i could copy these spawned objects from testing and stop the testing then paste them? kind of like a song editor for a guitar hero game.

To copy GameObject while playing or pausing then paste after stopping should work.

Which object is wrong? GameObject or Component in hierarchy should be fine, other asset like Unity.Object have to be saved as asset file or with right HideFlags.

But what’s the type of your frets, normal custom C# class runtime data will be cleared to release memory.

Unless you save the data to your own file system, by json, serialization, or some what. Or, try to store in static variable at runtime, then get back after stopping.