Copy/Paste from WebPlayer or save as cookie

So, I have a WebGL game, and I’m trying to add a save feature as requested in the comments. (see it here: click)

I have a decoder and stuff, and it finally gives you one string which is your save data. The problem is, you can’t copy it to your external clipboard to paste somewhere else, and you can’t paste stuff from outside the webplayer into the InputField within the player.

Are there Copy() or Paste() functions where I wouldn’t have to rewrite a lot of code? Should I save it as a cookie (and how)? Should I just use PlayerPrefs? I don’t know.

I have already tried the solution by Amalgamate Labs, and that required to rewrite my whole scripts, so that isn’t an option.

If someone could respond ASAP, that would be great! Thanks!

PlayerPrefs works