Copy/Paste Key Combos in Webplayer

I’m implementing copy and paste functionality in our app. I found a thread that addresses getting info from the system clipboard and tested it out; it appears to work fine:

Now I’m working on recognizing when the user has pressed a copy/paste key combo (like Control-V). In the standalone application, Input.GetKey* works just fine. I can check if the user is holding down the control/command key and presses C or V, and act accordingly.

However, in the webplayer and editor, this is not the case. It looks like the surrounding application (editor or browser) is catching the copy/paste key combinations and isn’t passing them on to Unity. I can see control presses, I can see V presses, but I get no notification when the user presses control-V.

I’ve seen some discussion in other threads (like this one: How can I get a combination of keys pressed? - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions ), and have some things to try, but I’m hopeful that someone else has already figured this out and can save me the pain.

So, the question: is there any way to determine if the user has pressed control-v in the webplayer? If not, is there any way to get notice from the browser when the user copies or pastes?

using UnityEngine;

using System.Collections;

public class CopyPasteAct : MonoBehaviour


TextEditor mTe = null;

public static string copyPasteInfo = "";

void Awake()
    mTe = new TextEditor();

void OnGUI()
    Event e = Event.current;
    if (e.type == EventType.KeyDown && e.control)
        if (e.keyCode == KeyCode.C)
            // Copy
            mTe.content = new GUIContent(copyPasteInfo);
        } else
        if (e.keyCode == KeyCode.V)
            // Paste
            mTe.content.text = "";

            copyPasteInfo = mTe.content.text;