Copy pasteable Texture Importer Settings

Why isn't this a thing?

9467216--1330301--d - Copy.png

It would be nice if it were possible to Copy and Paste the Texture Importer Settings like other objects. The workaround now is to copy/paste the texture, change the name, and then import the new texture to the new name. But I forget to do this all the time.

The feature already exists, and it's the button literally right next to the three dots:

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That's great, thanks, but it's not quite 100% what I want though since with sprite settings I usually only want to quickly copy a couple, which is where Copy would fit in fewer clicks for that use case.

Example: 3 trees, tree01, tree02, tree03. Made at same time, exact same settings, pivot, ppu, etc but with 3 it's not worth a preset, but a one-off Copy/Paste would be useful to set.

An import preset is usually enough to do 90% of the settings you need. Then you can tune the remaining 10 percent. It saves enough time that it's worth investing the 10 minutes to make a present for your most common import arrangements.

I don't disagree. Just saying it would be nice to have a 3-click fix to a common scenario I encounter, which would also bring the Inspector for Texture Import Settings in line with most other objects.

@Lo-renzo My approach whenever I have a complex import setting I want to apply to another image is this:

  • do NOT add the new image to your project yet.

  • find an image that is already present and imported the way you want

  • duplicate that existing image (select it, then hit Ctrl-D / CMD-D)

  • rename that dupe image to be what your new image is named (copy/paste the name)

  • from the file explorer, replace the renamed duplicated image with your actual intended image.

  • let Unity reimport the image, and it will be using the same settings as the original.

You can even do a bunch at once if you like.