Copying Animation Clips from Imported FBX

I’ve been reading several posts on this forum that explain how it isn’t possible to edit animation clips on a model imported as an FBX (in my case, from Blender), because it’s read-only, and that it’s necessary to duplicate the animation clip first, and then copy the curves across with an editor script (see here: How to add new curves or animation events to an imported animation? - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions)

My problem is that while I can indeed duplicate the clip in question, it insists on placing itself in the Hierarchy folder containing the imported model, but refuses to sit within the imported model. OK, you say - not surprising, because it too is Read Only. Well, the problem I have is that unless it is part of this model, Unity fails to find it if I try to ask the model to play it. I cannot view the new copy in the Animation window either, because it is not part of an object.

Interestingly, I found that at runtime I can call AddClip to add the copied clip to the model, and this actually animates - which is cool, but I still cannot edit the copy in the Animation window because Unity is currently in Play mode. As soon as I go back out of Play mode, I’m back to square one.

I cannot for the life of me find the answer anywhere on the internet, and I’m tearing my hair out now. Can anyone put me out my misery please? I am using Unity 3.5 (basic). I wonder perhaps if something has changed since the article I reference above was written?

I have thought about trying to duplicate all the clips on model-import, but haven’t had any success. And, frankly, I can’t believe it’s really that ugly to achieve what I need here? I’ve also tried duplicating the imported (FBX) model, with cmd(ctrl)-D, but its animation pane is greyed-out like the original, preventing any changes, so this is a dead-end too (all it’s done is duplicate the FBX file on disk - whereas what I hoped for was an editable duplication of the model and its animation data within Unity)

I must have missed something really obvious here? All I want to do is trigger a script to occur at a certain stage of the animation - that is all.

Thanks in advance.

Select the animation in the fbx and press Ctrl-D… that does what I thik you want?