Copying prefabs without using packages

Hi everyone,

I’m currently developping a rather complex network project, and in order to optimize my workflow I have been improving an external tool (python) that syncs projects between them.

It works fine for scripts and scenes, but fails to accurately synchronize prefabs, components and hierarchy-wise.

Since the goal is to automate the process of synchronizing the prefabs, I’m not using the package export feature (my script is merely brute-copying any file that has a detected change).

I’m aware this is a bit outside the box, but a tip on how to copy prefabs proceduraly from project to project would help me a great deal,

thanks in advance

When I used Dropbox, we used to work on the same project 2 guys at the same time, thus, when I change the prefab, it doesn’t affect the other user while actually the files have Synced.

So what I was doing is, duplicating that prefab from my side (Then Unity3D editor will refresh all prefabs in that folder on the other machine)

After that is done, I delete that prefab from my Machine, this is because both machine have Unity3D editor running and none is willing to close and open his Unity3D again.

Changing scripts was syncing without any problem, or any need to duplicated or something.

Maybe you can change your prefabs to text based prefabs? They’ll be text files instead of binary!

I’m not sure if my case in Dropbox helps you, but maybe it gives you idea what to do!