Copyright Infringement

hi, i’m just want to ask something very important to me

I’m going to make Spyro HD, using unity. am i get copyright infringement ? also, i’m using my own models, and scripts.
i’m just make Spyro can play in PC and with shader facilities. i wont credits my name.
i’m just use their story, all models, scripts i made it myself

thanks for the answer

Arguably yes. The general rule of thumb is don’t make clones. Make games that are similar not identical.

yeah, you probably would get into copyright infringement issues.

Maybe you could make a similar game.

If you have made your own models and scripts, then they are yours, so if you just make up your own story, and your own name, then the game is entirely yours, and you can take full credit for it.

Remember to credit other people if they have given you things that you have used in your game!!!

Hope this helps…


For a definitive answer contact an attorney and pay them to give you the correct advice. I don’t know any members of this site nor our forum who are lawyers. Alternatively find out who owns the copyright to Spyro and ask them for permission.

If you use the name Spyro, or if you use the same storyline as the Spyro games, or if the characters are recognisably the characters from the game, then I would expect you to encounter problems if you publish the game or make money from the game.

Put it this way. If I re-filmed Star Wars, using my own actors, but dressing them like in the movie, and with sets that look like the original, and publish the movie in a DVD case that makes it look like a Star Wars DVD, then for sure George Lucas is going to be on my case. I don’t own the rights to the storyline, I don’t own the rights to the artwork.

If your efforts are really just a fan version of Spyro and you don’t plan to make any money, then you might be okay.

i wont make money, i’m just want to share with all people about HD game. so they don’t need to play using emulator.