I’m a bit worried about launching my app I’m working on. It includes a gameplay somewhat similar to the game “Portal 2”. The goal in my app is to escape a room with puzzles, like picking up boxes and activate buttons.

All objects, textures, sounds, etc are self made and should be legal. But is is legal to launch this app for free, or maybe later on for a few bucks or with adds on the google playstore?

I don’t want to get sued for millions of dollars :slight_smile:


You won’t get any good legal advice in a technology forum. To be sure, you’ll have to pay for professional legal services. There are so many things to consider and each case is different.

However, cloning game concepts is how the game industry mostly works. Almost every new game is similar to some success title. If your game is somehow different, and you are not using trademarks or assets, you are most likely OK.

You probably won’t be sued, unless you actually do make millions. In which case you’d be sued anyway, because someone would like a piece of it…

copyright usually doesn’t protect the game idea, but i guess it depends on the country you live in. I live in germany and i know that our copyright laws doesn’t include the game idea. It seems it’s similar in the US. The only way to protect an idea is to patent the idea but that’s not always that simple. Some features of Portal 2 has been invented by a group of students.

See the difference between copyright and patent

Don’t take my word on it. This is a topic even lawyers struggly with.