CoreAudioTypes Framework Issue

I am having an issue with my build failing to run on xcode. It’s an AR project and the error I get is

ld: warning: Could not find or use auto-linked framework ‘CoreAudioTypes’: framework ‘CoreAudioTypes’ not found

The Unity version I am using is 2022.3.17f1 and xcode version 15.1. I have attached screenshots of the errors in full detail. If anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated.

// paste error message as text here

I’m seeing the same error with a command line build

Yeah, this issue ONLY occurs when you build the project from the commandline.
If you build the project through the editor, the issue DOES NOT occur.

It’s these kinds of issues which truly frustrate me, as surely it should build the same regardless. Not even using a build script, just a simple build to a platform.