"Coroutine couldn't be started..." warning - harmless?

You’ve probably had this situation: you have an object (perhaps a button for example)

You have some minor behaviour attached below it (say, a repetitive glow on the button)

As you enter the scene, you make the whole object inactive.

Now, this means you’ll get the alert

“Coroutine couldn’t be started because the the game object ‘‘exampleGlow’’ is inactive! UnityEngine.MonoBehaviour:StartCoroutine_Auto(IEnumerator)”

In fact … is this warning harmless?

I usually go through and fix these so you don’t get the warning, but I’ve often shipped with a few of those. In fact is it harmless? (I’ve never seen any harm come, but someone may have more info.)


Well, it depends what the coroutine it couldn’t start does! If its a button glow you probably won’t care, but if its something that tracks a game objective and fails to start… well, your game is broken.

I normally check whether the game object is active or not before I try starting a coroutine on an object that I expect might get turned off, because for some reason it errors for me, not warning… Might be a platform dependant thing?