Correct bolt direction and rotation

Tryed to make laser bolt-shooting gun like in “Space Shooter” tutorial but for 3d.
Made two scripts. First for instantiating:

Instantiate (Shot,ShotSpawn.position,ShotSpawn.rotation);

Where Shot is my bolt prefab, ShotSpawn is empty gameobject on my gun.
Second for bolt movement:

void Start()

    GetComponent<Rigidbody> ().velocity = transform.forward * Speed;
Destroy (gameObject, DestroyOn);

The result is that bolt always facing toward z axis (forward). I want to make it relative to my ship’s angle (ShotSpawn’s direction). Any ideas?

Ok, the problem of rotation was in the ShowSpawn gameobject rotation in ediot. Have no idea why, but when blue axis looks forward everything works fine.
The problem of direction was solved by using transform.parent, not just transform. Also have no idea. If everyone can explain me the solving, I’d be grateful.