Correct setup for Unity UI

Hi @joejo, we have updated to PolySpatial 0.7.1 and unfortunately this breaks our UI setup again. In 0.6.3 our UI worked when we set our UI Camera, which is set as the EventCamera of our Canvas, to tag ‘MainCamera’. But in 0.7.1 this doesn’t work anymore, nor does setting this camera as the EventCamera of our Canvas.
I again compared our test projects to your UnityUI project you shared in here, but couldn’t find out what the differences are. :frowning:

I have filed a bug with a TestProject attached. CASE IN-64089
In the TestProject the button only reacts to click when it’s set to (0,0,0) and not otherwise.

Whishing you happy holidays and looking forward to your response once you have time to look at this! :christmas_tree: