Correct setup for Unity UI

I’m guessing we can’t use XR Hands System without this for example…

Correct, and this wasn’t a final solution , just a potential work around if you needed it. We’re still working on a real fix.

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Is this now fixed, and UGUI working correctly? I’m having what appears to be a similar issue (PS 1.0.3 / Unity 2022.3.18)

The original issue should be fixed in 1.0.3. If you are seeing something similar I’d need more information to go on. Best would be a small repro project that demonstrates the issue, filed as a bug and then paste the id (IN-XXXXX) here.

I can confirm that our buttons work again with PS 1.0.3!


is there a way you can standardize and abstractify that into Unity UI?

Not sure I understand your question. Can you clarify what it is you are looking for or need?

Create > Polyspatial > UI > Button


That works today. Pretty much all the controls under the create menu should work within PolySpatial today.