"Cost" of using wheel colliders

Hi guys, So I’m making a game that has ground vehicles that have to go over terrain. There can be a large number of these vehicles in the scene at once.

I recently discovered the wheel collider and have been learning its implementation in racing games and stuff like that, and I was wondering if it would be worthwhile using a similar system for my ground vehicles.

The only thing I’m concerned about is that wheel colliders seem to take a lot of things into account to make driving more realistic and, I assume, cost more to use because of this. My vehicles don’t need to be very realistic.

If wheel colliders are overkill for what I need, can anyone recommend a good way to have simple vehicle movement? I’ve actually tried just having a box slide across the ground but this causes a lot of issues.


If everybody is on flat terrain you could give them just 2 wheels each and restrict the rigidbody rotation to keep them upright.

I wouldnt worry about wheelcolliders trying to be overly realistic because it is really hard to get them to be. Default they are really really unrealistic.

I have had lots of wheelcolliders in my scenes. Bit of lag, but I dont think its the wheel colliders ;D TankGame BandicamTest - YouTube