Could GPU take more time than CPU in a given frame?

Hi, I am using Unity Pro Editor Profiler to analyze my game.

Basically I have two questions:

1- In some frames I’ve notices that the GPU consumes more time than the CPU, is this logical? I thought the CPU has to wait for GPU to finish rendering before it can prepare the next frame. (Please see the attached picture).

2- Where is the actual frame time? I couldn’t locate it in the Profiler Window!
or is the frame time simply just the greater of (CPU/GPU) timing?


It’s completely normal for GPU time to be bigger than CPU time. The CPU can start work on the next frame whilst the GPU is rendering the current frame. There’s no single place to say the frame time - the horizontal lines across the GPU and CPU graphs tell you what the time is for that system. So, in your GPU stats you’re often rendering at 100fps, apart from periodic spikes that cause you to drop to 60fps and 30fps very occasionally. The CPU seems to be fastest when the GPU is slowest.