Could monospaced fonts be used when editing text in a code block?

Sometimes it's nice to have text monospaced and correclty aligned and that is very hard to do when you are edition it in a non-monospaced font.

How hard would it be to ensure that in edit view anything in a code block is in a monospaced font?

It maybe hard or not, Unity forum team has no resources to implement such obscure request.

Most likely you would need to change whole forum.

Not necessarily - they’d only need to change the font-family of the “Insert Code” overlay text area, and it’s one line of CSS.

Before (current):

After (with monospace):

The other problem is that this input box is just too small. Would be nice to increase the width & height of it like so:

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I do wonder, how this would affect mobile experience. Does anyone use this feature on mobile at all? And how many people really need to use that even on desktop?

I typically just paste the code. I think I remember using this editor once or twice in the past. But never needed further more. You can just use script tags with a click of button and is simply showing readable code on the forum.

I try to understand usable use case.

Perhaps someone could use CSS injection script. Somehow similar, as for dark version of the forum, or othe Unity forum areas. But that perhaps mostly would (conviniently) work on PC?

Tabulated information, e.g. columns of text / data.

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