Could not build 'GoogleMobileAds' on ios

Can any1 plz help me to resolve the issues (ios via vmware):-

  1. ‘GoogleMobileAds/GADAudioVideoManagerDelegate.h’ file not found

  2. Could not build module ‘GoogleMobileAds’

  3. Unknown type name ‘GADAdloader’; did you mean ‘GADUAdloader’?

Note:- i have already tried deleting ‘googlemobileads.framework’ and importing it again and my enable modules (C and Objective-C) is yes…when i try to completely remove the google ads plugin, it works and no issues come but with google ads, the issues are there

Same issue, I am using Unity 5.6.03f. Whenever I build using unity on windows it wont produce the “POD” folder nor any framework.