Could not produce class with ID 184

I’m seeing error logs about

Could not produce class with ID 184

From I’ve tried adding this line to link.xml:

<type fullname="UnityEngine.SubstanceArchive" preserve="all"/>

But the error persists? Other missing classes seem to be fine though.

Is there a way to say classId=184 instead of fullname="UnityEngine.SubstanceArchive"? Even better is there a way to prevent these errors all together?

Hi @PixelParts

Assuming this is a build and not in the editor, the reason SubstanceArchive cannot be loaded is because this is part of the UnityEditor code and should not be used at runtime UnityEditor.SubstanceArchive

Hi @alexvda class id 272, this is part of the UnityEngine code and can be included in the link.xml via UnityEngine.Audio. AudioMixerSnapshot