Could not show banner due to No fill for placement


I am just testing out unity-ads for the first time, using the code provided in the tutorial.

Video ads work fine, in the editor as well as on my device.

However, the banner ad dummy only shows up, when I'm in the editor and on my device I get the warning:
"Could not show banner due to No fill for placement"

This sounds to me, like there were just no banner ads found to display.

Now this is confusing, because I have set my application in the dashboard to "testing", so I expected a fake unity banner ad, just like I see for the video-ads. Setting it to "force test-mode off" changes nothing.

I am located in Europe. Do banner ads already work in this region at all? I can see, video ads are working, because if I set my application to "force test-mode off" I see real ads.

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Banners are now available in all regions, depending on our available inventory. We're currently working with our demand partners to ensure Unity developers are able to receive bids and impressions. There is an expected ramp up period but Unity is working toward fulfilling a majority of ad requests.

Thank you for that answer, although I still believe, I should get a dummy-ad while testing.

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We are working on getting a test banner working consistently to make it easier to test your banner ads integration.

Any updates regarding the No Fill issue? test mode ads works fine, but production ads never show up. Always "No fill"..

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is this issue affecting everyone or some people only? curios since I was hoping to implement banners in my application soon...

The same problem.

Same problem her with no fill, is there an approximate timeline on the "ramp up period", days, weeks months?

About five or six weeks ago, banner ads used to fill about 30-40% of the time; which isn't great, but I read that it would soon improve... now they don't fill at all, even in test mode. That's not exactly what I'd call a "ramp up period." No idea why the test banner would have a 0% fill rate. That makes no sense.

Having the same problem, would be great if the test banners worked as expected

I am also experiencing the same issue notated above by several other users. I did however have banner ads working early on, where in the build the testing Unity banner would appear. However, once I added in Analytics and Monetization services to add in app purchases, my banners stopped working -- the log from my devices always says No fill for Placement and my check every 2 seconds or so for Banner.isReady continuously returns false.

I have done the following:

  • Imported the latest Monetization SDK (3.0.1) to my project running Unity 2017.3.0f3

  • Ensured that my scripts are calling Monetization.Initialize (gameID, testMode) at Awake()

  • Verified that my project ID's from the Unity dashboard match what is displayed in my service window

  • Verified that my placement names match what ID I pass to Advertisement.Banner.Show (ID)

  • Opened UnityConnectSettings.asset in a text editor to verify my game ID's are configured properly

  • Tested both with Ad services enabled & disabled in the Services window

  • Tested & verified that this issue is consistent on both Android and iOS platforms.

Note: An oddity about this is that video test ads are working in my app, on all platforms. Just the banner ads are not working.

Hoping Unity's team can help me resolve this issue. In the meantime, I've started looking into using Admob or just implementing my own banner ads to promote my own content while Banner.isReady is returning false.


Hey @holllums

If you using Admob you need to delay some ads clickable, watchable because I got account blocked from them.

Some players want a lot of special currency in game and they spam to get it.

Is the issue still not solved?

I tried on Android (Java) and got only one banner appeared. After that the state change to NO FILL for the rest of the test. Though sometimes the state change turns to READY, the placement ID passed from onPlacementContentReady always equals to 'video', not 'banner'

I set test mode to true, both in code and from the Unity Dashboard.

The video ads works properly, but the banner, as you can see, a bummer.

I still see a 'no fill' response for all banner ads. I'm in the US, but have not been able to get these ads to work in a non-test mode. Any updates on when Unity will have enough inventory to have this be a useable feature?

The same problem.

No fill in banners problem here, hope you can solve it

Still have same trouble. Logcat return No fill from bannerView.OnAdFailedToLoad

Has this issue been solved? I am having the same issue.

Banner ads are now showing for me, not everywhere but most countries.

Guys it's working on my old game. But i created new one and i get same error. So i think our games need time to display banner ads.
Edit: Now old one doesn't work too.