Could one flip a sprite in an animation keyframe?


I was messing around with sprite animations, when i came across the situation of, "Hey, would it not be convenient, if one could flip / mirror individual keyframes?";8973277--1233763--upload_2023-4-25_22-4-33.png

Does anyone know how to do this?

I'd prefer not to increase my spritesheets for this

In sprite renderer, key [Flip X].

Well that is the problem, Keyframes do not have a sprite renderer to my knowlage? If they do, where could i access them?

Just select your GameObject that plays the sprite animation, start recording, then you can key the flip X. (by directly change value of "Flip X" or right click and select "Add key")

*In Unity, you can key almost every property you can see in the inspector


Ah, of course. I was trying to make animations without the use of a gameobject. Thank havens animations work on prefabs. Thanks for the answer;8974699--1234036--upload_2023-4-26_15-10-58.png

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