Could (or does?) Unity use "multi-Mac" building?

On the Mac platform with XCode,

you can connect a few Macs together, click a button in XCode. And then, when you Compile, it distributes the work to all the connected Macs. This is fantastic and works well.

Now, I’ve never made such a “distributed mac processing” app on the Mac platform. I don’t know whether it is absolutely trivial (assuming your code is already very parallel, likely using GCD), or whether at the other extreme it’s a Special Thing only apple can do due to secrets, or something in the middle.

My question, based on what you know about Unity, Mono, etc etc, would it be possible for Unity to do this? Would it be “really easy, and it’s silly they don’t do it already,” or would it be totally unrealistic? Or…? Indeed, is it already possible on U4 for all I know or some other extant or coming version? Ha sit been discussed at Unity, etc?

I have read that indeed unity is already written in a fairly parallel manner, as of about V3 I believe (can anyone cast light on this?) So, perhaps, it shouldn’t be a big step?

I’m really sick of waiting for builds (or, waiting for the as yet imaginary new power mac :frowning: ) so maybe there’s something.

Thanks for any info or explanations!!

You want to know if Unity got parallel build like :

  • Computer 1 : Launch Build
  • Computer 2 : Build for the 1st computer to divide time per 2 ?

If this is your question, the answer is NO for the U3 and there is no solution for this nowadays :confused:
In U4 this is not implement too.
There is a lot of thread about this and request in Unity feedback but nothing has been already showed to people.

You must wait again and again like me with my Unity Android build which take roughly 25minutes per build è_é.

If someone has a solution that I don’t know, I’ll be very happy to know it in this thread.