Could you help me with that please ?

Hey guys , so i will start to make my first game(2D) in about 1 month , i dont know anything about programming yet. so i will first watch the video: " coding in unity for the absolute beginner". after that, is it necessary to watch roll a ball and the 3D game making tutorials or can i just go for the 2D Platform tutorials? And Thanks :slight_smile:

It isn’t “necessary” although for beginners the tutorials can be useful and help you get use to the basics of Unity. I personally suggest trying them out as they don’t take long and you can expand off of them as you learn to program. Although, if you really aren’t interested in that type of game, or whatever the reason may be, there are many tutorials on YouTube, like you mentioned, which will cover the basics and help you get started. A helpful channel I used when getting started was Brackeys and I suggest checking it out. Hope that helps!

Thank you , really apperciate it :slight_smile: