Could you please explain the pause on the FPS tutorial?


I'd like to create a similar effect as the pause on the FPS tutorial, where the GUI disappears and is replaced by another, and the screen goes blurry. However, I can't seem to work out how this is done.

I'd like it so that when I pick up an object, the GUI disappears and the screen blurs, and there is a 2D texture on top of this explaining the object that has been collected. Basically this means pausing the game automatically and it will restart when the player presses space.

I don't really understand how the blur effect works, and I can't seem to find any script anywhere that plays when esc is pressed.


Full-screen post-processing effects like Gaussian Blur are only available in Unity Pro. If you don't have Unity Pro, or the free trial of Unity Pro, you won't be able to use the full-screen effects like blur.

You will however be able to do implement this basic mechanism with either version. You can freeze gameplay a number of ways. The simplest is probably with:

Time.timeScale = 0;

And then resume at the correct speed when spacebar is pressed. Additionally, you will want to enable a boolean or some such that causes a GUI texture to be drawn on the screen. GUI components can include dynamic text as well, so you may just be able to show a set image with dynamic text on top.