Coullecting Item sometimes counts double

now i made my first gamedemo with unity and everything worked fine, except a problem with collecting items.
I have an onTriggerEnter function that, when triggerd, counts the number of items the player found.
The problem is, that while collecting the item, the function sometimes adds 1 and sometimes adds 2 to the score, and i didnt manage to solve that problem yet. I assume that it has to do with some update function, so that the game runs to fast, and the onTriggerEnter function could not deal with it. The code for the function is simple, so i dont think that`s the problem:

function OnTriggerEnter(other:Collider)
	if (other.tag == "Artifact") 
	ScoreManager.Artifacts += 1;  
	blink = true;
//	var audio2 = GetComponent.<AudioSource>();


Maybe someone else had the same problem, or knows a solution? Any comment would be helpful!

Sorry, i found the problem. I`m using 2 Colliders, one as an trigger, the other for physics. My bad :confused: