Count every row and column of multidemensional array (c# unity)

I have a multidimensional array which is declared like this

string[,] table = new string[104,15];

Now it has all the data that I need and I got the data to put it on the table by doing this

int xIndex = 0;
int yIndex = 0;
string newPreviousValue = "placeholder";

for (int i = 0; i < list.Count; i++)
     newString[0] += list*.r;*

newString[0] += “,”;
string[] newChars = newString[0].Split(‘,’);
foreach (string previousValue in newChars)
table[xIndex, yIndex] = result;
Now what I am trying to do is
>RED means “The same in length”
>BLUE means “Not the same in length”
This Data A has this kind of data now this Data B depends on the value of Data A has.
This Data B came from Data A so here it is how it works .
//I am talking about Data A
if table[1,1] is equal to null then
move to table[2,0] and compare table[1,0] and table[0,0]

//Display blue circle on Data B
display a blue circle

//I am talking about Data A
else if table[1,1] is not equal to null then
compare table[0,1] and table[0,0] if they have the same length as table[1,1] and table[1,0]

//Display a red circle
display a red circle
If I am not clear here’s the [rule][3] . What I am talking about is the Big Eye Road Rules.
What I have tried so far is this
//lets check for the 2nd row and 2nd column of the big road table
if (table[1,1] == null && table[2,0] != null)
Move = true;
if (Move)
//lets move to the 3rd row and compare if they have the same in length (1st row and 1st column)
if (table[0, 0] != null && table[1, 0] != null)
//red circle
//blue circle
What I want to achieve here is to count every row and column in DATA A if how many data’s that are stored there for example
table[0,0] to table[0,6] has 1 data
table[1,0] to table[1,6] has 1 data
table[2,0] to table[2,6] has 2 data
Just like that . Could someone help with it please. Thank you.

Well I basically didn’t understand anything you wrote except the very last bit, so here’s how you do the last bit!

for (int x = 0; x < table.GetLength(0); x++) {
    int sum = 0;
    for (int y = 0; y < table.GetLength(1); y++) {
        if (table[x,y] != null) {
    Debug.Log("table column " + x + " has " + sum + " data");